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OCCA Chinese School is a non-profit organization.  In order to sustain the ever increasing overhead costs, we rely on tuitions and generous donations* from our sponsors.  Teachers recevied a modest compensation for their time and efforts.  All admininstrative staffs are volunteers that do not receive compensation of any kind.  Our dedicated teachers and volunteers are committed to provide the best Chinese education to our community and those who want to learn Mandarin. 


Not only your generous donation* will help us continue to grow this important piece of education for our next generation, it will also help us in these areas:

  • Classroom Rentals and Technology Fees - To meet the growing demand, the school is always looking for more classrooms with bigger space, and finding ways to become more efficient in our administration process.  Some of the changes you have seen over the last year is we have created a website with online registration and payment functionality.  This not only has saved us time, it also has helped us reduced tremendous amount of paperworks during the enrollement period.  Additionally, parents save time by filling out the online registrtion, which only takes 3 min to complete, receive immediate confirmation and save on stamp.  Less paperwork, less money and less time for everyone! 

  • Supplies - Like your regular schools, teachers need to purchase markers, whiteboard erasers, making prints and other stationaries for their classes.  

  • Activities - "All work no play makes Jack a dull boy!"  At the end of the school year,  we would like to reward and recognize students' and volunteers' hardwork by celebrating, giving out trophies to special acheivers, as well as organizing special events for students, families and volunteers.  The school would also like to provide more learning opportunities to our students, and training to our teachers.  These can be online activities, softwares, books, or other learning materials etc.

  • Builidng Acquisition - It's our dream to one day own a building/facility that will provide our community a place to celebrate and gather.  OCCA is working very hard to make that dream comes true.  Additionally, finding the right classrooms within our budget and at a convenient location that will meet our students' needs and demands is one of our biggest challenge.  As a school, we'd also be greatly benefited from having our own building.  Our students will have a constant environment to learn and play.  The constant quest for classroom space and the hassles of renting could finally come to an end.   


Help us make this community stronger and better by making a small donation* today!  Consider becoming our Sustaining Sponsor, with your yearly $1,000 contribution you can help us achieve all of the above, help us do great things and grow to become a promient Chinese school in Omaha, NE that your child will be proud to be part of!  For more information about Sustaining Sponsorship, please email us at or click here to send us a message.


No amount is too small.  Any amount of donation* will be greatly appreciated.  Every cent counts!  I would like to make a one-time donation:


   -  $10



   -  $20



   -  $50



   -  $100



   -  $200



 You may also mail a check to NCA Chinese School.  Mail to the following address:


NCA Chinese School,

8206 Blondo Street,

Omaha, NE 68134


*Donation made to the school is tax-deductible.  

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