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About Us




OCCA* Chinese School was founded in 2008.  We are a non-profit Chinese school that teaches Mandarin (also know as Simplified Chinese) in Omaha, NE.  


Currently we have about 120 students and are still growing.  Classes of different levels are held once a week on every Saturday.  Our teachers are passionate about teaching and helping our students to master one of the toughest languages in the world.  They have experiences in teaching and working with students of all ages.  


OCCA Chinese School is adminstered by a team of dedicated volunteers who are commited to bringing the best language learning experience to you and your family.  




Principal - Sarah Luo

Vice Principal - Dr. Zhongming Huang, Hua Gao,

Finance Director - Jingjiang Wu

Teaching Director - Wei Whitbeck

Event Director - Yan Chen

Dr. Jing Chang

Dr. Guangdong Liu


Dr. Jing Chang (Class 2013)

Mrs. Wei Whitebeck (Class 2014A) 

Mrs. Jing Chen (Class 2014B)

Mr. Zhende Xu (Class 2015A)

Mr. Dequan Jiang (Class 2015B)

Mrs. Xia Li (Class 2016)

Mrs. Yuan Xiao (Class 2017A)

Mrs. Meng Xiao (Class 2017B)

Mrs. Christine Kunz (Class 2018A)

Mrs. Jie Shen (Class 2018B)


Our Team of Amazing People

*OCCA Chinese School is an affiliation of Omaha Chinese Culture Association (OCCA).  For more information about OCCA, please  visit

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