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2021 NCA Youth Chinese Talent Contest

Host: Nebraska Chinese Association (NCA) and NCA Chinese School

 The 11th annual NCA Youth Chinese Talent Contest is hosted by Nebraska Chinese Association (NCA) and NCA Chinese School. The purpose of this contest is to encourage children to enjoy learning Chinese, and to increase interest in Chinese culture.

This year, the contest will be in a "virtual" asynchronous format. We will ask participants to submit a video or picture of their performance. All children ages 5 to 16 who are Nebraska residents or currently enrolled in the NCA Chinese School are qualified for the contest. Contestants will be divided into groups according to their ages. The competition will include the following categories: Dance, Music (Instrumental), Singing, Chinese Writing, and Chinese Speech, Recitation, Talk Show, or other Chinese culture related that are not listed.

Contestants will be judged by professional specialists. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place will be awarded to the winning contestants in each category. Along with this, every contestant will receive a participation award.

Please read the Rules and Instructions carefully.

Rules and Regulations

  1. To enter the contest, you must register by completing the online registration here.  Registration deadline is 8/28/2021. Submission deadline to is 9/1/2021. Any registration or submission after the deadline will not be accepted.

  2. Age of contestants: 5-16 years old  

  3. Guidelines for each category: All categories must be related to “Chinese Impressions” or in Chinese

  4. Artwork:

    • Chinese Calligraphy:  Can be any type or style.

    • Chinese Drawing: Can be in any form such as water color, oil painting or sketches.

  5. Dance:

    • Any type of Chinese dances (folk, minority, classical, ballet, modern or recreational dances) are welcome.

    • The dance should last less than or equal to 4 minutes

  6. Singing:

    • Chinese songs in any style including classic, folk, Peking or regional operas, pop songs, etc.

    • Must sing in Chinese language

    • Must be less than or equal to 4 minutes

    • Performance can be in any style such as solo, duet, small groups etc.

  7. Music Instruments:  Piano, violin, Saxophone, Guitar, Gu Zheng, Erhu etc.

    • Each piece should be less or equal to 4 minutes

    • Please also submit an electronic copy of the sheet music for judges

    • Performance can be a solo, duet, trio or quartet

  8. ​Chinese Speech:

    1) Speech Subject: Chinese fable or idiom stories, poems, or jokes or funny stories in your daily life
    2) Time: 4 minutes or less
    3) The speech will be judged based on the following categories:
          A. Pronunciation and intonation
          B. Content / organization

          C. Delivery

          D. Clarity

  9. Chinese Writing (essay): 

    • Any type of writing / essay in Chinese

  10. Awards: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place will be awarded to the winning contestants in each category. 

  11. Contact: If you have any questions please contact Sarah Luo (波波) or 高华

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