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Online Registration

Zumba and English must be registered through the following online registration process, other Chinese classes can be registered during open house hours.


If you register Zumba or English class, when filling out your birthday, please select a date that's after 1987 (even though it is not your true birthday) to bypass the age requirement to complete the registration. 

NCA Chinese School is planning to offer AP Chinese class if there is enough interest. Any student who is planning to take Chinese language AP exam in two years is encouraged to register as soon as possible by August 11th. The class time for AP Chinese is to be scheduled, but we will try to working to fit student's schedule.

新生选班说明 - 欢迎你选择我们的学校!虽然我们对各班小朋友的年龄做了建议,但是我们也明白每个孩子的中文水平和年龄可能没有直接关系。如果您对选择那个班级没有把握,请让您的孩子做一个认字测试。请点此处查看各个班级上学期的部分生字表请让您的孩子尝试着说出每一个字词。确定她/他能认出最高班级的80%的字,我们建议她/他选择这个班报名。如果您还有选班问题,请联系高华(469-547-7388)。

Step-by-Step Procedure to Register:


  1. Click on the following link to get into the logon page.

  2. If you are a new user, click on the "register" button to create an ID.  Please use a parent email as the user ID.  One user ID per family;  if you have an account, you can fill out your user email and password and then log in.

  3. After you log in, you can add students by clicking on the "Add Student" button.  Multiple students can be added.  

  4. Select a course for each student. 

  5. Select Finish and Pay.  Two payment options are available: online pay or mail-in your check (payable to NCA Chinese School).

  6. Your balance will be updated by school administrators when the payment is received.


 Click here for new student registration (existing student will register during open house or on day 1 of school).



If you have any questions, issues or feedback, please click here to send us a message.

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