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2020 - 2021 Calendar, Tuition & Fees

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Tuition Per Semester for Academic Year 2020-2021


  • To receive NCA membership discount, please purchase NCA membership before registration.

Chinese classes (K-8):

  • NCA Member: $180

  • Non-NCA Member: $200

Chinese AP classes:

  • NCA Member: $216

  • Non-NCA Member: $240 

Art classes

  • NCA Member: $90

  • Non-NCA Member: $100 

Dance classes (not offered in fall 2020)

  • NCA Member: $90

  • Non-NCA Member: $100 

Chinese class for non-Chinese speaking adults -成人中文班:

  • NCA Member: Free 

  • Non-NCA Member: $90

For families moving into the area in the middle of the semester, we will try out best to admit new students if there are available seats. Tuition for such students depends on how many classes have been missed, and will be collected as follows: 

  • Missing 0 - 4 classes, full tuition amount

  • Missing  5 - 8 classes, 75% of full tuition amount

  • Missing more than 8 classes, 50% of full tuition amount

Tuition Payment and Fees


Tuition can by paid by check or PayPal. Check payment should be stamped by January 15, 2021. Tuition payment made after January 15 must be made by PayPal (extra fees incurred in such case).

  • Check payable to: OCCA Chinese School, mail check to: OCCA Chinese School, 8206 Blondo St., Omaha, NE 68134. Please include a note that include: your name, contact information, your kid's name, the class(es) the tuition covers.

  • Paypal to, make sure to include the following: your name, your kid's name, the class(es) the tuition covers.

  • $3 service fee per $90 tuition is charged for the tuition paid through PayPal. This charge is the cost of using Paypal, it is not charged by Chinese School. The fee is shown below:

Tuition and service fee chart:

  • $90 - service fee $3;

  • $180 - service fee $6;

  • $270 - service fee $9;

  • $360 - service fee $12, and so on.

  • No service fee will be charged for the tuition paid by check.

  • Late fee There will be a $5 late fee if the tuition is paid in the third week of the semester or a $10 late fee after that. 

You can register to any of the above classes here.

Tuition refund policy

Please inform the class room teacher at least one week before the withdraw day so that tuition refund can be processed. The refund will be calculated based on the actual date when the notification is received. The following is the amount of refund corresponding to classes taken before notice:

0-2 classes                  Full refund

3-4 classes                  75% refund

5-8 classes                  50% refund

>8 classes                   0 refund         

School Calendar

Class schedules:

  • For fall 2020, all classes will meet on Zoom. The instructor of each class will share the Zoom meeting link to students via WeChat before class. 

  • Class meeting time for Chinese classes (including a 15 minute recess):

    • Morning class period: 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM

    • Afternoon class period: 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM

  • Class meeting time for Art classes:

    • TBA

Fall 2020: Aug. 15 - Dec 19 Every Saturday (except the days specifically indicated as no school) 

  • August 8: Open house at Zoom from 9:00am -11:00am

    • Join Zoom Meeting

  • August 15: First day of school

  • September 5: No school, Labor Day weekend  

  • October 3: No school, Mid Autumn Festival celebration

  • November 28: No school, Thanksgiving

  • December 19: Last day of school

Spring 2021: Jan. 9th - May 22

Class Format:  Online through Zoom meeting 

  • January 9: First day of spring term

  • February 13: No school, Chinese New Year holiday

  • April 3: No school, spring break

  • May 22: Last day of spring


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